User Guide

Document Changes


Released on 2018-12-20.

  • Don’t ship our own FuseSoC any more, upstream is now sufficiently stable.
  • Deprecate OpTiMSoC GUI. It has not seen development over the last years and has no users we know of.
  • Simplify the installation instructions and their documentation.
  • Imported new versions of Open SoC Debug, GLIP, and mor1kx to pick up significant improvements there
  • Implement and document building Linux for OpTiMSoC
  • Added examples for the VCU108 FPGA board
  • Refactored and partially rewritten NoC implementation


Released on 2016-09-02.

  • Switched to FuseSoC-based build system
  • Merged our own debug infrastructure with Open SoC Debug
  • Port the basic 2x2 example to the Nexys 4 DDR board
  • Adjust the tutorial and the installation instructions.


Released on 2015-12-30.

  • Fresh restart with package-based installation (S. Wallentowitz)
  • Update old tutorials (S. Wallentowitz)
  • Extend tutorial for FPGA (P. Wagner and S. Wallentowitz)

June 20, 2013

  • Add installation and configuration description (S. Wallentowitz)
  • Update old tutorials (S. Wallentowitz)
  • Add host software (GUI) in tutorials (S. Wallentowitz)
  • Add development tutorials (P. Wagner)

January 28, 2013

  • Initial version of the document
  • First tutorial steps for distributed memory systems